Yesterday marked my 41st year on the planet. I adore birthdays and yesterday was just perfect–with its perfection bleeding into the day before and after as well. I am still riding on a wave of birthday goodness.

Thinking on the wonder of birthdays today, this quote came to mind. It is from Raymond Carver’s Late Fragment. I ran across it on an artist’s blog that my sister had recommended to me years ago. The artist, Lisa Congdon, is doing a year of hand lettering and this snippet is one that really drew me in–both Carver’s words and Congdon’s visual interpretation of them.

It is exactly why I love birthdays. On birthdays, the beloved-ness I experience day in and day out of this lovely life of mine is crafted into sentiments expressed in words, cards, gifts, and experiences. A quilt of beloved-ness that I wrap myself in at the end of the day and sigh contentedly.

I got exactly what I wanted for my birthday this year. And a whole lot of it. Thank you.

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Happy belated birthday Tash! I am so glad you had a great day and so glad to call you friend.
Love Sharon

Happy Another Year of Life you beautiful, loving, full of life woman! You “get it” and you are so beautiful and your love radiates and I’m blessed to have had it radiate on me! Keep on keeping on!!! ;0)~ MUCH LOVE!

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