summer blessings

Last week was my first week on the Carboplatin and Neulasta. If the time that followed was any indication, this is the pattern I expect to emerge:

Day 1: carboplatin treatment–hang out with Mom ;)
Day 2: neulasta shot–feel good due to steroids given the day before
Day 3: start feeling a little puny–take a nap or two
Day 4: Oh my word, everything hurts and I think I’m going to be sick. Spend the day in bed on Vicodin and Zofran while my parents and Mark do everything else.
Day 5: Who was that in bed yesterday? Why that funny look on your face, Mark, was I not like this yesterday? I think I’ll run a few errands. OK, a nap sounds good.
Day 6: Feel fine. Maybe a little puny and blue.
Day 7: Let’s decorate. Your house or mine?
Day 8-20 (I’m hoping, I haven’t gone to day 20 yet) more of the same.

If this is the pattern that emerges, I’m more than happy. One awful day out of 21 is not bad at all. And, of course, with so much help, life is really manageable.

This morning my parents came over and cleaned with Zoe and me. Then Zoe and I went to babysit our sweet niece Vivian after which we really loaded up on groceries. Just now Zoe and I were in the backyard reading magazines and eating chips while Birdie trotted around. It all felt so fortunate and lovely.

Life in general feels really rich and abundant right now. No pleural drain. All this great time with Zoe. My sister and her family headed this way. Evenings out on Dad’s boat with my brother and his family. Hanging out with dear friends in long, leisurely days and evenings. Looking forward to time with Mark’s family this weekend while his grandma is in town. Watching the Tigers with Mark. My parents–always my parents.

I can only hope that this wonderful blessed feeling continues all summer long. With buddies like the two pictured below, it will be hard to complain…

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so thankful, big smile, stay well, Tash. Enjoy the summer with many continuing prayers for just such a summer. Love to you and all, Louise

Love you Tash! Thanks again for giving Vivi fun Auntie and cousin time today!

I’m so glad you’re having a lovely summer even though there are some tough days mixed in. Just so you know, Anna and Kaitlyn are your prayer warriors. ;)

Happy Summer, Tasha. I’m in Alaska with Annie, Joe and three sweet little ones for July. You are in my prayers even way over here.

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