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I woke up Sunday morning with the same cough I had on Friday. Thinking that I certainly couldn’t have filled up with fluid again that quickly, I took a Benedryl to try to stop post-nasal drip. The rest of the day was OK, though I get a little loopy on Benedryl. This morning, though, I woke again with the awful cough. It’s the kind of please-put-that-person-out-of-their-misery cough that is awful to listen to and leads to terribly sore core muscles.

First, Mark told me that I probably attributed too much to post-nasal drip. OK, point taken. I was ready to just call for another drain of my lung, but then Mark reminded me that I am not a health care professional and I probably should get some medical advice first. OK, another good point. So, I called my nurse and the wheels of the cancer center were set in motion. I started with an x-ray and ended with a temporary drain installed in my back.

Basically, today’s lung x-ray showed that fluid had built up again. Dr. Campbell thought that rather than having it drained, I should have a drain put in so that it doesn’t keep building up. After it has stopped producing fluid, I may have a pleuradesis (sp?) in which the lining and the lung are stuck together. When I heard I would have a lung drain, I asked if they could do it today. Not only did it get done today, but my favorite interventional radiologist did the procedure. (Who doesn’t have a favorite interventional radiologist?) This was an answer to a few silent prayers offered up while waiting for x-ray results, scheduling, etc.

The procedure went well. My amazing parents tag-teamed time at the cancer center and hospital. And now I sit here at home with a drain coming from my back tonight, but with not one cough. The drain feels bulky and odd, but it’s a huge improvement over the coughing. I’m hoping and praying that the drain does what it needs to do and that I can feel good over the holidays with my family.

Pleural fluid, though annoying, doesn’t necessarily mean that the cancer is growing. I am reminding myself of that tonight and taking things one step at a time. My first step will be seeing my sister and her family in the morning–yahoo!!

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So happy your day produced positive,not negative results for you. You and your family are tucked safely in our hearts and prayers. Love you!

people like to take good care of you because you are so wonderful to be around. glad it went well. love and miss you.

Keeping you in my prayers and I get going down this awful road again myself. I know how hard it is to keep fighting the good fight. May God give you strength for each day, and bring healing!

I’m praying that the drain will continue to help you feel better and give you the chance to enjoy your time over Christmas. Thanks for the update. Melanie

I so agree with Jane on this one. And it was FABULOUS to see you and said sister giggling over Meyer-Veal antics of Christmases-past. Have a wonderful Christmas, girl……Much Love!

Sorry you have to go through this, but glad that such excellent care is available right here in Grand Rapids.

I’m glad that you listen to your husband, and that he is so wise. :-)

I’m glad for responsive health care professionals. :-)

I’m glad that your sis is coming to town. :-)

I’m glad for you! Many more Merry Christmases my dear! :-)

Hey! Your name is on our family prayer board and God is listening. Who gets same day lung drain service like that? Glad you get to see your sister soon.

You have such an amazing attitude, Tash! Glad the drain is working for you – and hope that your time with Becky and family brings 2011 to a close in a beautiful way. Love ya!

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