here is our hot mess

As Mark and I ate dinner tonight while Zoe rested on the couch, we remembered that we had been invited to two Christmas parties tonight. It made us giggle thinking that we could show up, me with my lung drain, Birdie iffy on the house-training, and now Zoe diagnosed with pneumonia this afternoon. Mark thought we could walk in the door and say, “here is our hot mess!”

So this is how we are finishing up 2011, just as we began it. Zoe with pneumonia. My family is all in town and they are taking very good care of us. We are so grateful.

What also makes me thankful, however, is how many doors we really could walk in and say “Here is our hot mess!” and how many of you would welcome us in. Even if you were hosting a party. (And we hope the two we are missing are a blast tonight!) That’s just how wonderful all of you are.

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I always admire the optimistic humanity you present in your blogs. Honest and real. But connected to others’ realities.

And the sun rises and sets again on a day. My son Asher said it was a “Tatooine” sunrise the other day. He was right.

Thanks. You touch people without knowing you do.


We had a good time at the one party, and, indeed, you would’ve been welcomed and celebrated in your hot messedness. Man, can’t believe pneumonia again. I hope she gets through it faster this time.

Dear Zoe,
I hope you will feel better. I feel so bad for you. I hope “Santa” brings you get lots of toys.

Your friend,

you were indeed missed. i’m glad that family are here to guide you through all the mess. love you tash.

Yep, you’ve loved lots of us through our hot messes, so we love you right back.

Healing and housebreaking Christmas wishes to you!

Missed you guys at the party. Had planned out jokes in advance. And wanted to update you on “Stone Hands” saga.

Love you guys! Have a Merry Christmas.

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