I haven’t posted in a good long time. To those of you who still check this cyber-space, thank you. And sorry.

Things have been up and down the last few months. We’ve been figuring out the side effects of different drug combinations, doing a bit of guessing, a bit of research, and finally getting bailed out by my fabulous doctor Uncle George. On the up-side, we learned in November that my tumor marker numbers were down. Lovely!

This month has finally seen the plateau of side effects. Yesterday, I had my lung drained of 1.4 liters of fluid and by the afternoon I was literally and figuratively breathing easy. We’ll get another tumor marker count in early January.

In November we also added a puppy to our family. She is a black goldendooodle named Birdie and when she isn’t trying to chew our hands and socks, she is capturing our hearts. Here she is the night she came home. Since then she has doubled in size. She is a wonderful distraction from health issues and Zoe already loves her dearly. It’s good to have a dog in the house again.


Thank you for reading this blog. For praying for us. For continuing to ask after my health after all these years.

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Thank you for the update Natasha. I think of you often and miss seeing you at church. Merry Christmas to you, Mark and Zoe. I can’t wait to meet Birdie!

Thanks for the update, Tash. I miss seeing you! I hope your holidays are filled with light and freedom. And Birdie! So cute!

Thank you beautiful. I’ve been wondering about you from afar and often remembering you in my sleepy morning prayers.

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