15 years ago to the day,

I was minding my own business at Jane’s house. We had been celebrating that she passed her nursing exams. I was ready to go home when Paul La Grand caught me on the front walk. Someone was coming over and I, in Paul’s words, needed to be nice to him.

And Paul wasn’t kidding. Right behind him coming up to the house were four guys who had apparently just played a gig. The one I was supposed to be nice to was wearing a chambray shirt and white jeans (please, forgive a hipster, it was 1994!) and a baseball cap. When I pointed him out to my brother that I was supposed to meet him tonight, Chris said, “the one who looks like he’s twelve?” Yep. That was him.

We ended up meeting shortly after Chris’ comment. Parked ourselves on the north-facing front porch, and stayed up talking so long we ended up watching the sunrise. Because, you know, facing north on an urban front porch is perfect for that.

Paul’s brief foray into the match-making business that night was highly successful. Fifteen years later Mark and I have our own north-facing front porch. And I like to think that I’m nice to him. And though he couldn’t pass for twelve anymore, he still looks way young to me.

Happy anniversary, honester, best friend, gentle keeper of my heart.

P.S. Here’s what we looked like three years after that initial meeting (Jamie’s photo from Jane and his rehearsal dinner).us later

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ummmm Mark does still look really young…

Tash…you dont mind being called a Cougar do you?

Happy Anniversary!!

Awwww…so cute! Thanks for being so nice to him and for being such a wonderful sister in law!

Love you!

tash, you look 14 and mark looks 12.
nice work!
and can i meet “mynancy”? anyone who calls you a cougar is really really funny.
love you guys!

Happy anniversary, Natasha and Mark! We celebrate our 29th this weekend. Isn’t being married to your best friend a wonderful thing?

i believe i was the one who suggested you 2 just keep talking because the sunrise was beautiful from that old porch (total lie) when all you could really see was a parking lot.
we all knew he was extraordinary because Precious, you weren’t even sick the next day after staying up all night! only true love could keep the dfs at bay. love you both.

15 years of real love – unconditional love – that is a gift beyond measure. Happy Anniversary!

It’s been 15 years? Your wedding is somehow stored in my brain in high-resolution (unlike most everything else which is foggy and grainy). I can remember each moment and detail of that lovely day. My love to you and Mark and Zoe! Happy happy anniversary.

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