pleasant news

Does one really have a “pleasant visit” with one’s oncologist? Well, I think we just did.

Mark and I met Dr. Campbell after 6 p.m. this evening (the man works looong hours). The CAT scan I had last week was reported by the radiologist as “stable.” Dr. Campbell pulled up a few old reports and the nodule that they measure has actually decreased in size over time. So, very pleasant news all around. Stable is good. Slowly getting smaller is even better.

I’m hoping to be able to stay on this chemotherapy for a good long time. And I’m planning to have a pleasant evening to go along with our pleasant doctor visit and our pleasant news.

12 thoughts on “pleasant news

  1. wow, i really need to read your blog more often. i was 3 posts behind! and i have comments. many comments.
    1. your neighbors are SO not hipper than you. what are you, crazy?! and that picture of Pac-man, Daisy, and Bryan was incredibly adorable.
    2. happy anniversary!!!!
    3. i’m so thrilled about your pleasant news and i hope you enjoyed the pleasant evening that went along with it
    4. whilst reading your most recent blog post, i definitely read “pleasant” and “pheasant” about 17 times. very unsettling to one’s psyche, i do believe.

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