the big apple

We just got back from our first family road trip. To New York City.

It was great fun. In four days and three nights, we took on Manhattan Meyer-Turner style.

This was Zoe one minute after arrival. arrivalShe was a natural.

Other highlights pictured below are:

cornercentral parkbroadway
The “whispering corner” at Grand Central Station…Central Park…Mary Poppins on Broadway

our tour guide at the Central Park Zoo…Harbor Tour…NBC studio tour

The New York Public Library…the mineral exhibit at the Museum of Natural History

and my new friend Steve Carell.

Rabbit’s favorite part?

rabbit travelrabbit reunion
The luxurious transportation and…reuniting with the people who gave Zoe her best friend.

Scott and Kelly, thank you for being our gracious hosts before and after NYC. And Mom and Dad Turner, wow, what a gift! We’re almost ready to hit the road again! Well, after my blisters heal, that is.

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Thanks for posting the pics! It looks like all of you (rabbit included) had a great time.

And Tash, you look more newyorky than S.J.P.




I love that man!

So envious of the whole thing, but mostly STEVE CARELL!!!!!


It was great to see you all!

(Finally the necessary citation for Purple Rabbit’s origin gets posted on the blog.)

Be so kind–when you get a minute, please send me an email about who did the cover of that Backstreet Boys (or was it NSync?) song (and the song title). The Wailin’ Jennys? The Be Good Tanyas? For the life of me, I can’t remember and I can’t seem to find the answer on The Google.

Hoping you come back to visit us again soon,


WHAT?!! You were in my neck of the woods (er, as it were…) and you did not ring me? The nerve! Of course, I may have been a little busy pushing a kid outta my crotch, but I TOTALLY would have made time!
Fun to check out your blog for the first time in AGES.

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