kindergarten fun

Zoe’s had great fun in kindergarten lately (as usual, really). Last week was the letter people parade and Zoe was “Z”. Here she is in costume…

z 2z

And today the class dressed up for “olden times.” They’ll be visiting an old schoolhouse and playing “olden time games.” Zoe is sporting a Holly Hobby dress I used to wear to church. Since my mom doesn’t get rid of much, Zoe’s dear friends Vera and Lucy were also outfitted from Grammy’s attic. They were delighted.

olden 3olden 2olden

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Kudos to Grammy who has such mint-condition items to choose from!!! The attic sounds like a magical place. Why don’t you and Becki “thrift shop” at your Mom and Dad’s house! :O)

If your Mom still has her cool 70’s dresses from when we were little, you would so be in style (perhaps they’d be a BIT short on you but that’s in as well….)

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