kinder, gentler chemo

Our visit at the oncologist this morning was…OK. The tumors are still growing. Slowly.

So, switch meds again. Mark and I (and many of you!) had braced ourselves for the chemo mentioned during our last visit. And chemo it is, but not like before. I’ll have an oral chemotherapy that is FAR gentler than the “shock and awe” chemotherapy I had in 2003-04. I can’t remember the name of it and I dropped off the prescription, but it starts with an X.

The side effects are mostly on the skin. They do not, I repeat, do not include hair loss or nausea. So, Mark will have a spouse this summer–rather than a shadow of me walking around the house in my pajamas (crying) bringing back images of chemo past. And Zoe who will have a mom to play with. And really, that’s all we really wanted. For me to stay me.

We will find out in a few months if this medication is effective. If it is, I will stay on it as long as it remains effective. We’re hoping for years.

Mark and I are so grateful for all of the prayers that have been offered on our behalf. When we are tossed between anxiety and peace, your prayers anchor us. Thank you.

And now, I’m off to get some attention paid to the hair I’ve neglected thinking it would be headed down the drain. Hey, if I get to keep it, I better be nice to it!

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We so appreciate the updates. Thank heavens for the kinder gentler chemo!
We think of you often! Karen and Gerry R

Still sending them up! It will be a great summer. And good luck on your run!

thanks so much for posting an update . . . I checked often today to hear if there was any news. I am so encouraged by your positive spirit, and pray that you will continue to feel peace, elusive though it may be at times. And may this be THE drug that does the trick, for many, many years.

Honey/Tash . . . here we are out in Colorado, but having been in the car all day, I prayed often for good report. I am thankful for “kinder, gentler chemo” and so thankful for your positive attitude. I agree . . . take care of that hair, girl! Continued blessings from above and our continued prayers. Love to you – Louise


I so admire your wisdom. You really are inspirational about how to go through challenges.

From a member of your Atlanta fan club,


yah, tash. so happy for a great summer ahead. and so happy that you will not let becci touch your hair again. just pay the money honey. drive safely today.

Please tell me you followed Jane’s advice to “just pay the money, honey!”
Post a picture, Brown-eyed Girl!”
Waiting to see. . .

If it had to be chemo news, this is GOOD news…you are so often in my thoughts and continue to be in my prayers as well as that little girl of yours who looks nothing like you (ha). I pray He gives you a wonderful summer Tasha!

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