childhood 2.0

I’ve commented plenty here about raising Zoe in my own hometown. The skating party at the same (un-redecorated) rink, the swimming at city pools, the ballet class in my former kindergarten room. In many ways, Zoe’s childhood looks a lot like mine.

Except there are these upgrades. We go to the same Festival down by the Calder, but Zoe gets to buy actual ice cream treats…


We go to the fireworks downtown for the 4th of July, but the same people who raised me now spring for private seating at the museum and buy the glow in the dark things that last all of one night (who are these people anyway, and what happened to my parents?)…


And, the latest upgrade…we go to the Tulip Time parade (which I once watched in the pouring rain with a trash bag on my head) and Zoe sits on a stool on a second floor balcony looking down at the parade below courtesy of the connected Uncle Chris…


Childhood 1.0 would never recognize this newer version. Don’t even try to send it Zoe’s files. It simply hasn’t the bells and whistles required to process it all.

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I love love love this blog!
I’m going to sleep smiling. . .
Thank you, Darlin’!

I don’t know – I think these imposters who claim to be your parents may be seriously spoiling Zoe – and depriving her of a lot of great stories when she gets older. I mean, how will she be a true Meyer if she can’t tell stories about “bird shit on crackers” or the classic “there’s plenty of pop in the car…” poor kid.

I too am seeing childhood 2.0 in my house. Who knew that the “tourist traps” my parents warned me about were very busy because lots of people were having lots of fun?!

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