Last weekend, Becki and I celebrated…weekend

Becki’s friend’s dentist, in an act of unbridled graciousness, let us use his lovely home for our annual getaway. Asheville, North Carolina.

Becki and I spent the weekend doing the usual–laughing, thrifting, and sipping coffee (see cool double-decker bus turned coffee shop below).

boiled peanutstwicelaugh

We also hit a few new highs (or lows depending on your perspective)–thrifting by the pound and dumpster diving. I even let Becki attempt to color my hair–though the risk of this is lost on anyone who did not see my tri-color hair in 1990. It’s no coincidence it took 18 years for me to trust her near my roots again.


It was, as always, good to be with Becki again. We are, somehow, flip sides of the same coin and being with her offers me a unique sense of completion. The next time we’re together can never come quickly enough.

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Okay then. I get having fun with the seester. I get having fun at the beautiful place. I get the fun coffee shop. But dumpster diving? I don’t even want to get it.

At least you and Becki have remained in contact with each other after the hair fiasco of 1990. Recently, while going through old photos, I ran across a photo of my farm cat Calpurnia, circa 1968. This cued memories of my “frosting” her fur with the leftover product from doing my own, literally, “blotched” job. She ran away. After a week she did finally return but things were strained between us and never were reconciled fully. So glad you seesters could could move on and put the past behind you. But, let Becki do your hair again? WHAT WERE YOU THINKING? (smile. . .)
Love you both!

yes, i too remember being the guinea pig for my sisters. let’s just say, red highlights aren’t exactly flattering on me. even though our sisters are responsible for about 93% of our “awkward” phases, where would we be without them! (not at a super cool seester weekend, that’s for sure.)

your sister getaway makes me miss my siblings! i’m so jealous.

PS that double-decker bus coffee shop IS cool! i’m doubly jealous.

Seeing the interior of the double decker coffee shop bus makes me think it was put there just for you! How perfect?!

Now, I have gone dumpster diving myself in the past…but in a parking garage? What the devil was in there that interested you to jump in? What the devil were you after and how the devil did you get it home?

My Seester in law is coming tomorrow ~ by birth I only have a stupid brother!

YEA to Seesters!

In my defense, this time the inspiration for Tash’s hair re-do came well BEFORE midnight. (Even so, we drove like badasses all over Asheville looking for a pharmacy open past 10 pm). Also, I must say that the results would have been dramatically better (both in 1990 and 2008) had she let me “taper the edges.” My scissors and I stand at the ready…

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