ante bakey

Zoe fell completely in love with my sister when she came for a rare solo visit to our house 4 years ago when I was sick. Then, the 20 month old Zoe who rarely let anyone hold her would run in front of Becki, turn to her with her arms up and say “Uppa Becki?”

This weekend Becki had another solo visit. This time for Dad’s retirement Open House. She stayed with us and the love affair between the two was renewed. Zoe giggled for hours straight.

Below is a photo of the crazy pair–and a picture that Zoe did at school today depicting the leg-slide she and Becki came up with during one especially silly time last night.

Now we don’t know who is more fun, Ante Bakey or the whole Veal family!

ante bakey

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Both pics are keepers. There’s a powerful emotion when your children love your best friends, especially when your best friends are your siblings. *Sweet*

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