it’s official

Zoe is a full-on kid. She and Vera had their first sale of random junk. They hollered “get your stuff for a dollar” most of the afternoon. And wound up making $5 to split.

Mark and I were a little jealous. Our early entrepreneurial ventures (lemonade for me, a croquet course for Mark) were never so lucrative. Mark laments the maps of the croquet course his dad dutifully copied at work were never even given a second glance by potential paying customers. And I recall Becki and Jackie and me spending hours at the end of Jackie’s driveway with lemonade–to no avail.

Here are the two successful shopkeepers–along with a sample of their on-message marketing


3 thoughts on “it’s official

  1. That’s great–Zoe just surpassed my 2008 income!

    She should be proud. I would definitely get my stuff from her and I don’t even know what my stuff is.

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