y’all twins?

We just got back from 5 days with my sister’s fabulous family.veal family

It seems that, when our families get together, we each have our counterpart. Becki and I have each other, Jim and Mark get along famously. And Ike and Zoe are simply cut from the same silly cloth. Ramona and Josie have always known the joy of twin-ship. When we visit, the rest of us get to experience it too.

tree twinsguysla ruefour cousinsswingbex and jim

Becki and I have not always appreciated people thinking we look alike. When we were younger, it drove us nuts. Now, though, when our times together are so few and far between and our sister-friendship so insanely precious, I absolutely love it when we enter a store and someone gives us a double take and says, “y’all twins?” It happened almost everywhere we went in Atlanta. And I relished it every time.

I miss my seester.


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the pic of the kids on the swing…from the back…priceless!

Can we say “Merry Christmas Grandma?’


Loved the pictures. The trip looks like it was a good one for all involved! Both seesters looked like fun, I couldn’t pick a favorite…

Man, I’m jealous! I always wanted a sister growing up, and now I want one even more! It’s so cool how you two cherish and each other – and yes – even look like one another!

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