something so right

Remember the Paul Simon song?…

“Something goes wrong, I’m the first to admit it. First to admit it and last one to know. Something goes right, well it’s likely to lose me. Apt to confuse me, it’s such an unusual sight, I swear, I can’t get used to something so right.”

Mark and I have become the ones who get used to something going wrong. Cancer diagnoses and lost hopes seem to be the news of the thirtysomethings. Weddings and babies? Those seem to be the gifts of our twenties, gone and forgotten.

So, when Mark’s sister Beth called with the gleeful news that her boyfriend Jamey had proposed, we couldn’t quite wrap our heads around it. And to think, they’ll get married about the same time that my brother Chris and his wife Alison welcome a new baby. We are overjoyed.

We have a hard time getting used to these “somethings so right.” But we’re happy to try.

Congratulations, Beth and Jamey!

beth and jamey

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Congratulations!! And what a great photo of you two– you should use it for your GR Press wedding announcement!

what great news!

dear zoe,
can’t wait till saturday! did you have any crafts in mind?

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