A quickly answered fervent prayer

Yesterday it took three adults (Mark, Dad, Mom), one dog (unhelpful), a wheeled office chair (helpful), and lots of pauses to get me out of the house and into Mom’s waiting car. During one pause we held hands in the kitchen and Dad prayed…strength for today and hope for tomorrow.

By the time my overburdened Sherpa (Mom) and I had made it to my regular treatment chair I had risen from my wheelchair twice…once to get weighed and once to transfer from my wheelchair to regular chair. I was getting my blood pressure checked so I asked for my pulse ox. It was at 79. I was immediately given more oxygen and my nurse came down for a consult.

Mark and I had a pretty scary time this weekend not knowing what to do when I couldn’t catch my breath, my heart was racing, and I was throwing up. We were rather at a loss. Getting me to the ER seemed like quite an endeavor and we weren’t even sure what they would do there. Eventually the panic passed and I was able to breathe in bed.

We told my nurse about all this and told her that my Doctor Uncle George suggested we look into palliative care. So shortly after our debriefing with my nurse, she got us a referral for a palliative consult.

This is where our prayers were answered. At the end of treatment I met Dr. Mulder who happened to be in the building and happened to have a cancellation. Dad was able to be there along with Mom and me. Dr. Mulder’s expertise is palliative care and he immediately switched my pain meds to help my breathing and my appetite. His manner was perfect. He was doctor and pastor in one. He also prescribed a steroid to help my breathing. I’m also on a bit more oxygen.

He thought I would see a difference within a week, perhaps days. This morning I came downstairs unassisted and took up residence in my favorite chair. Mom was a little floored. I have had very little gasping for breath and can walk where I need to, if slowly.

This gives me great hope that I will feel comfortable during the holidays while my new chemo gets going on those cancer cells. Thank you dearly for all of your prayers.

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Tahsa –

My dad just sent me this email. WHAT great news! An answered prayer – most definitely! I hope all continues to go a bit more smoothly and that your Christmas holidays will be spent with your loving family and friends.
God bless you and your family – Cathie

Natasha, we continue to pray for you and your family as you walk this difficult road. Dr. Mulder is a blessing and a wonderful Christian doctor. He assisted us last February when my mom was entered palliative care. May you experience joy during this Christmas season with family and friends.
Cindi and Jim Hoekstra

I had tears of joy talking to your mom this morning! HURRAH! Praising God for answered prayers and the promise of a much more comfortable and joyous Christmas season. Much, much love!

So grateful to hear this. Heartfelt love and prayers are coming to/for you from Brooklyn.
In the week since Newtown I have been reeling and incapable of thinking or seeing anything except from the perspective of a mother. You know this too, and I’ve read about it here on many occasions, but the picture I had in my mind as I read this particular post was focused squarely on your mother; it is a humbling and extraordinary gift of insight that we are given through our own experience of being mothers into how fiercely and wholly and endlessly our own mothers (and fathers, but I’m being true to my own myopia this week) must have loved us and love us still. Certainly your beloved Sherpa, for whom I’m praying now. And (here’s the hard part sometimes, but you clearly get this too) our heavenly father loves us more. Merry Christmas, Tasha.

What a wonderful entry to read Tash! Brings all new meaning to the carol JOY TO THE WORLD….He comes to make His blessings flow!! Merry Christmas to your family!

What a wonderful answer to prayer. Sometimes I just can’t understand God’s timetable, and then again, I complete understand it at other times. What a blessing to have your family around you to enjoy fully this Christmas. Love to each of you.

Hey there. Thinking of you and praying for you every day. Dr. Mulder is fantastic. I am on the ethics committee with him at the hospital (he heads it up) and he is a wonderful person- suited beautifully for his job. I know you have lots of offers for help – but put mine in with the rest if you need ANYTHING.
Love, Erika

Oh Tash – what good news. I’m so glad. We’ve been praying for you regularly and this week Bea asked: “What’s wrong with the sister in Obama’s family?” No honey – it’s Tasha, not Sasha.” Clearly we need to see you more. (When prompted, she did figure out that you were “Zoe’s mom”) Love you,

Tash–so glad to hear you are doing better! It has been a rough couple of months for me (and the family!) but dad never forgets to keep me posted on your progress. It was so great to see you last month–even tho’ it certainly was not someplace any of us wanted to be. I will try to be more intentional about keeping up with you–and all my extended famly in Michigan!!! Have a BLESSED 2013!

I am looking back over these entries and praying over each one. Thank you for blessing us all in sharing your journey with us.

Mark and Zoe – I am a better person for knowing your wife and mom. I will miss her (and her entries that had the ability to reach through this medium to touch my soul) and am so thankful for this trail of her shared joys and sorrows. Comfort for my aching heart, no doubt.

Peace be with you Tasha.
Thank you for sharing your journey. It has made a difference in my journey.
I had the opportunity to know you because of your Uncle Al.

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