I am the she

She has been in bed all morning

She just had a shake, so that’s good.

That was Becki, just checking to see how she’s doing today.

Chris called wondering if she needed dinner tonight.

She said she’s feeling nauseated now too.

Emily just kicked off her shoes and got right into bed with her…I’ve always said she has such nice friends.

Does she know that Sara left a message?

Heather was here dropping off foods she thought Tash would want to eat.

How did she seem when she got up?

She ate pretty well just now.

She still looks pale, but I think her energy was better today than yesterday.

Did she take her meds?

I am on temporary hiatus from being the narrator of my own life. Right now, I am the she.

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We are right with you, holding that morsel of food for you to eat and desiring you to get the rest you need. Not physically but in spirit and thought. Love you beyond measure.

And what a beautiful she you really are… to care enough about us to share your thoughts. We’re all thinking of you too. Take care.

My little prayer tonight: “Strength & honor are her clothing; and she shall rejoice in times to come.” (proverbs 31:25). & I am standing beside her from afar, extra tall today. Shoulders back.

I just love her to the moon! And I know “she” will become “I” again when she’s damn-well good & ready!

To “She”:

She is the she
She is the woman of many names
Mother, daughter, sister, friend
“Natasha, Natasha” is her name to me
She is the she

We are the we
We are the friends and family of she
We met her today, or yesterday, or tomorrow
And we laugh, and we cry, and we believe
Because she is the she, and we love the she

And who is He?
He is who we want to be
With Mark and Zoe and Natasha, Natasha
And with We
And with She

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