wisdom in the faculty lounge

Considering how seldom I was at school this winter and how infrequently any time I had there included a visit to the teacher’s lounge, it is amazing that I came away in the last four months with not one but two life-altering comments from the same colleague.

It was in November when my med switching was driving me crazy and Birdie was making me even crazier. I had been praying for “the right dog at the right time” since Daisy died and had been convinced when we got Birdie that the prayer had been answered. However, a week into her tasmanian devil puppyhood, I was convinced we had made a big mistake. I was saying something like this around the lunch table when Roberta said, off-handed and laughing, “good thing you’re not doing it for you, huh?”

Oh. Right. Zoe. Every night Zoe was praying gratitude for Birdie. Even with the pin-sharp puppy teeth, Zoe would play with Birdie every chance she had. Birdie was exactly the right dog at the right time. Maybe not for me, but without a doubt for Zoe. In time, she has become exactly the right dog for all three of us.

The second time Roberta set me back on my heels was more recently. I had been feeling rather sorry for myself. Still with the drain (today is day 88, but who’s counting?), still with the bald head. Roberta came up to me a few weeks back, put her hand on my arm and said, “I have been praying for you…how is your breathing?!”

Oh. Right. Breathing. That’s what this was all about. I couldn’t climb stairs without a rest at the top. Couldn’t read aloud without a break. Would bring in groceries and need a rest after each bag. My breathing. It took me a minute. “My breathing is fine,” I say. “Wow, what an answer to prayer,” says Roberta. I walk the dog at a good clip. I go from the basement up to Zoe’s room and sit down ready to read aloud. I bring in bag after bag of groceries (and I even shopped for them myself–unlike this winter when Mom and Dad fetched every little thing). I can breathe.

I love my job for many reasons. Working with people like Roberta is certainly one of them.

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So good to hear about the improvement. There are many surrounding you in a circle of prayer. (probably a mixed blessing about the grocery shopping though…) Love you Tash.

I love it when people remind us of the basics in life… it is all about perspective. Thanks for your post, as always.

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