neighborhood road trip

We spent the last week in Nashville with our dear friends and neighbors, the Grix family. We’ve intended to vacation together for years, but could we really manage a whole week of togetherness? A few photos from the trip…

threeThree happy hikers. Well, more like two happy hikers. Zoe started out with some early issues, but rallied to make it around the lake.

hiking photographer Vacationing with Emily meant I could forget my camera all I wanted (thus the scant photos, I intend to mooch off Emily for the good ones). We also re-lived our childhood vacations: eating lunch out of the back of the van, visiting historical sites (brown signs can be fun, Emily!), and generally making children walk long distances.

cooters Had no choice but to stop at the Cooters Dukes of Hazzard Museum.

girl band The girls got in the Nashville spirit, perhaps reviving their toddler band: Pooh Bear The Banjo.

restaurant Great eatin’ and of course we loaded up on free stuff.

four astronautsFour astronauts preparing for launch at the Adventure Science Center. The smaller astronauts had much more panache and did not make quite as much of a scene as yours truly. girls astronauts

chalk powdergoggle dining The girls found the goggles useful for more than just the many hours they spent in the pool.

hiking friends My favorite photo of the week.

crew of kidsThe Veals came up from Atlanta for a too-short visit. They brought giggle reinforcements. The families were a perfect fit.

group 2 Spontaneous group photo on our last night.

Other highlights were: a great night hearing amazing music with Mark, visiting the atriums of the Opryland Hotel, celebrating Easter, visiting The Hermitage, getting in a bit of thrifting with my seester and Emily, and doing Camp Tall Turf chants in the van with the kids on the long trip down .

Now we know we can take the neighborhood love on the road. Where to next, friends? The van is ready to go!!

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We not only managed, we were MAGNIFICENT! We are ready when you are…Spring Break 2011?

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