summer is off to a great start

Summer has started splendidly for our family.

We started with a Memorial Day weekend trip to Madison to see our dear friends Jane and Jamie and their family. We travelled with Bob and Heather and their charming Ben and Cate.

The ferry across Lake Michigan was a blast–not just going up on deck, but playing with all manner of plastic toys in the main cabin, and gorging on vintage-inspired penny candy compliments of Ben and Cate’s awesome Oma. Heather and I thought the best one was the Chik’n Stix. Is there a more yummy-sounding confection?

on deckh and t on deckcandy from Omacheckin stick

The kids had great fun in Madison. Three girls, three boys, three dads, three moms, it all felt very trinitarian. Below are several shots including photos of the six kids, Jane and Luke, and girlfriends 1.0 holding girlfriends 2.0. And a parting shot of our gracious hosts.

vanderssix friendsjamie 3jamie 2jamie 1< Last weekend I travelled to Chicago with Chris to meet Becki. Our Annual Sister Weekend has now officially changed to Sibling Weekend. Now that we all know our spiritual gifts, Becki and I thrifted, visited museum gift shops and celebrity sighted, while Chris attended a real estate law conference and waxed philosophically about the bed-bugs and arachnids he was sure inhabited our awesome thrift-store scores. Low-light of the weekend was getting my wallet stolen at our first thrift store (could it possibly have happened while I was stuck in a dress, laughing, and Becki was taking my picture looking like a teletubby during a stick-up?--photo evidence below). Highlights were laughing with my siblings until I almost fell out of the restaurant booth, meeting my new friend Joan Cusack (ahem, ahem, photo evidence below), seeing our dear Kiff VandenHeuval in his show at the Goodman, and telling stories with him post-show and closing down the restaurant. A perfect start to the summer. a stick upbec and chrisbex and chrissiblings on timerKiff at Goodman
becki and chrissisters in chicJoan C

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I looove the pic. on the steps! I miss all three of you and your trip sounds so fun. Memories that are priceless!! Your pic stuck in the dress is quite something….ahem…..not sure what :o) !!

WOW – that is a great start to summer. Great pics – thanks for sharing. :)

have to say tash – that while the pictures of the mama’s and their girls may be very sweet to the untrained eye – I see mischief and the keepers of college time secrets mixed in as well ;-) You ladies all look fabulous!
hugs to all

I am laughing aloud. I thought the idea of you getting your wallet stolen while in the dressing room was pretty hysterical. . . but then when I saw the photo, I snorted.
You have just kick started my day.
Thanks, Tash.
By the way, who has sibling weekends to Chicago? You three kids are amazing and superiorly cool.
And that photo of you and Becki dressed in black standing on the bridge. . . .classy ladies. That needs to be put in a frame.
chow lady.
love you.

I’m flattered that you thought I was actually in a dressing room when I was stuck in the dress. Perhaps you can tell from the shopper’s hand behind me that I was, indeed, right by the rack. You know, all classy-like.

Joan has clothes on hangers in her hand, so I’m guessing she was shopping too…you and Becky have some brass ones to ask for a photo…but you knew that right?

Love the pics, Love the stories….love the author!

joan cusack!? whaaaaat?

tash, i’m going to need more details. you failed to mention unexpected run-ins with celebrities when i came over yesterday.

Lovin it! Looks like a blast….and I’m noticing the Meyer kids are lookin’ VERY stylish!

The teletubbie reference & pic had my spitting out my water at the screen….=-) The lady in the background for sure has your wallet….=-)

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