that wasn’t four months, but…

I saw my oncologist today and we’re staying the course on the chemo. The CAT from earlier this month looked like things were stable, so I’ll have a check up again in the middle of July. That would be AFTER my 38th birthday, if anyone out there is keeping track–YAY. So, happy rest of April, May, June, and some of July to me!

Please continue to pray that this chemo will work for a good long time!

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Not yet 38? You sweet young thing! You’ll have to party with your new rowdy neighbors and their vicious dog! Love you. . .

you ARE young and you look ridiculously hot.
i will keep praying.
can we see you soon?
i would invite you over but our house is having some indoor plaster work done this week.
ick. ick.
love you!

Woo-hoo!!! FYI….you don’t look a day over 30 my dear! Looking so forward to our vacation…..7 more weeks!!!!!!

Love you!

Here’s to summer…and even more good news in July!

When’s the next dumpster diving photo collage with Becki coming? Those were my fav’s :o)

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