The girl who pitched her tent in my heart has apparently been living there for SEVEN YEARS!

We celebrated with a polka dot party…

dining roomeating

ready and waiting…. polka dot cupcakes with dip’n dots


playing Twister….. a great mound of sugar


the hardest part was waiting for the party to start!

Mark and I were spent by the end of the festivities. But we’re still glowing over how kind and lovely Zoe’s friends are. And how happy we are to be Zoe’s parents.

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Wow, I love the party decor, and the picture against the window is priceless. Happy 7th Birthday, Zoe!

Sweetest little 7 year old I know… proud to be her Auntie! We had a fun time celebrating!!

Tell Zoe I can’t wait until Sunday to see the finished product of the rock tumbler!

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