Magic Meyer trip

In celebration of a whole lot of things–Dad’s retirement, his military career, Mom’s retirement, the panache with which she was a military spouse, and much more–Dad and Mom gave us the Magic Kingdom treatment.

A far cry from the family vacations of our youth which involved the culinary delights of Banquet fried chicken, soy-bean pancakes, Tang, Spam, and other unmentionables and were conducted from the comfort of a pop-up trailer that Dad had tricked out in every possible way but his attempts to make it a) comfortable and b) waterproof were always thwarted; this trip involved a heated pool, comfy hotel rooms, and eating out. The best part, of course, was being together and watching the cousins have a blast.

magicmark with mousehandsriding dumbo

1st magic night…Mark with mousehands…Mark and Zoe on Dumbo

favorite charactersfireworksclassic sister photo

our favorite cast of characters..Zoe watching fireworks…sisters reunited
lovely meyer ladiesjim and beckimudge's wedding

lovely Meyer ladies…Becki and Jim…Mudge’s destination wedding

alison and henrychris and henrygood bye mickey

Alison and Henry………tourguide and assistant……goodbye mickey

mom and dadeveryone

the happy sponsors and their full bird herd

happy z

that’s about how we all feel. We are still a wee bit giddy.

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I really want to hear all about the trip. I have been missing you guys. The pictures are fantastic. There is a tie for my favorite one between you and your sis looking all happy and Mark’s Mickey hands.

Oh my – it looks like you all had a wonderful time. Of course, one of my favorites is the Mickey Mouse hands.

A week at Disney – priceless!

whooaaaa, “Marky Mouse” is quite the rockstar!
looks like you guys had a great time.

PS. five more weeks until the end of my semester. you and mark should probably plan a romantic date (i.e. target shopping trip) sometime around then–me and zoe need to hang out.

It’s fun to see your pictures. You had a good time. But is Mark jumping on the bed????

Ok – in the picture of Chris and Henry, there is a small glimmer by Chris’s ear – which I briefly mistook for a diamond stud earring. My heart can’t handle that kind of shock.
The Mickey mouse hands are pretty great – but they seem eerily similar to the hamburger helper hand…

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