the curious case of the church directory

We were telling some friends this weekend about our church directory photo phenomenon; how in the 6 years that passed between directory photos, Zoe aged forward, Mark aged backward, and I seem to have been completely re-styled (thank you to Emily who started the arduous process soon after this photo was taken).

“The Curious Case of the Church Directory!,” our friends (who know a thing or two about movies) said.

“Aha!” I said, “a blog post.”

Here we are in 2002… And now… (you’ll need to click on them for full effect)
church dir 2002church dir 2009

Mark’s performance is Oscar-worthy. Move over, Brad Pitt.

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Wow! That really is amazing. (Not that the two are necessarily opposed, but) You looked so Midwestern before, but so modern and fun in the second.

Wow weeeeeee!
I love that you are posed the same way and you might even be wearing the same shirt. Would you please make sure the next one is no different? Same shirt, same pose, eveything. It is the fun way to deal with church photos.
Tash, how is it that everyone looks better now than before? Unreal.
I’ll work on constructing a trophy for your family for your performance. Better yet, I’ll steal one from Chris to give to you.

Kristen — Trophies are never stolen. They are either won or purchased at garage sales. Generally speaking, the latter method is preferred because it demonstrates high achievement in many skills, not just one. But, I will admit that even purchased trophies are only modest solace when your brother-in-law scales height after height of recognized hipness.

You are funny! You claimed your style back, it was just those years at Calvin that stole it from you. There is still nothing like a crisp, white tee you hip cat!

Brad Pitt’s got nothin’ on you guys.
you all look phenomenal! Zoe wins the award for cutest, of course.

on another note, that “Juno girl” sweater you gave me comes in very handy as i withstand the six degree weather here in east lansing. thanks again!

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