a third of a year

snoopy dancingWe found out at the oncologist today that the Gemzar and Avastin are still working. The nodules are still slowly shrinking. So, we’ll continue to have the same chemo treatment every other week. And I’ll see Dr. Campbell in two months to see how I”m doing and I’ll have a CAT scan in 4 months to see how the meds are working.

While trying to wipe the smiles from our faces, Mark remarked that four months is “a third of a year.” Yep, a third of a year to relax and not worry quite so much about cancer. Couldn’t really ask for more.

And for those of you who continue to petition God on our behalf. Thank you. So much.

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Dear Tash, Mark, ans Zoe,

Thanks for sharing your wonderful news! May God continue this healing, and may your immanent trip to Orlando be safe and celebrative!



coming to the congrats party a bit late, but heartfelt nonetheless. a huge “HOORAY” for your wonderful news! so thrilled for you, Mark and Zoe:)

whoa…20 comments…..

now THAT my friend is a whole lot of signatures on that petition….imagine those that dont blog….


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