we miss the Veals

We just returned from a week with my sister and her husband and the Charming Little People who are our nieces and nephew. Just as I am convinced that had Becki not been my sister I would have wanted to grow up to be just like her anyway, so am I convinced that the other members of her lovely family would still have occupied dear and exalted places in our hearts regardless of their parentage.

Here is our week in photos. General silliness at the Veal home including Zoe and Ramona as ninjas, Ramona as a Koala Bear (holding on to me quite well). A hamster race for which signs were made well ahead of time and a replacement hamster was purchased minutes before the race. (One hamster was destined not to compete–Blackie, in a bizarre twist on an already surreal officially sanctioned hamster race, was found lifeless in his cage a half hour before the race. Investigation pending.) The requisite zoo trip (let’s say it leaves John Ball Zoo handily in the dust). And a trip to the aquatic center.

Mark and I also had some great adult time with Jim and Becki. Wonderful meals. Lots of laughing. And I got to meet several of Becki’s dear friends. In the relatively short time I spent with them, it was easy to see why Becki loves them. It was just such a soul-nourishing week.




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Then, we had a rude awakening upon returning home…

homecoming snowtulip

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I am LOL right now… Your pictures

the 2 ninjas …

the panties on the head…. LOL

oops fell off my chair!

Too cute !

Too funny !

Hey Tash,

I love seeing all those cousins together, and you look fabulous with a koala bear hanging on ya.

Your spectacular news has me thanking our heavenly Father over and over again. Normal is grand.

Happy day, cousin.


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