We’re pinching ourselves over here.

Mark and I went in for my three month check today and got unexpectedly terriffic news. My chest xray looks “normal.” Of course, when Dr. Campbell told us this, we said, “you mean that the little ones are gone, but the big one is still there.”

“No, it’s normal.”

“What do you mean by normal?”

“Normal. That it can’t be seen on the x-ray.”

Now, of course, our incredulity went beyond that—-holding xrays up to the light, reading the radiology report for ourselves. Normal. Normal.

My status is considered, “Complete Response” meaning that the cancer has completely responded to the treatment. There may still be a few cells floating around my body, but we aren’t going fishing for them. If it doesn’t show up on the x-ray, it’s nothing to worry about.

So, I’ll stay on the Femara until there is reason not to. I happily called in a prescription refill after our appointment.

Mark and I have continued about our day feeling the closest to “normal” that we have in a good long time. We’re celebrating the good news with a new water heater (getting installed right now) to which Mark will have to run a breaker tonight (yay) and I cleaned up the back yard of Daisy turds and vacuumed the living room (woo-hoo!). We really are “living large.” Because living normally is living large. And we’re doing it with rather stunned looks of incredulity on our faces.

And we’re going out to dinner tonight, too, of course.

In the words of e.e. cummings, “i thank you, God, for most this amazing day.”

And thank you, God, for this little pill…


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Mrs. Turner! That is way cool! I am very excited for you, and I am sure there are plenty at school that will be rapturous about this news as well.

(That’s Brad’s attempt to use a higher form of vocabulary, attempting to impress…. because if you havn’t noticed, he tends to be a few levels lower on the vocabulary ranking than his school counselor, something he finds out everytime they have a conversation and it ends with Brad saying, “wait….what does that mean?”)

AMEN! Your strength and courage amaze me, and your wonderful news is inspiring. Peace!

YeeeeeHaaaa! If this isn’t cause for a garden party, I don’t know what is. Let’s shin-dig in celebration SOON!

Thank you, God!!!!!!!

Just got in from my vacation and read your recent entry.

AMEN *TASH AND *MARK AND *ZOE (who BTW makes a gorgeous mermaid) This is wonderful news to come home too!

Femara is your miracle pill ~ I call mine
ESTRODIOL ! LOL I’m smiling…don’t know why, just smiling. your news must have much to do with it! I”M SOOOO HAPPY FOR YOU ALL!

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