bridesmaid (OK, groomsmatron) dresses

When Becki and I stood up in Chris and Alison’s wedding (Becki 6 months pregnant with Ramona and Josie), Alison made none of those empty bridal promises of “you can wear the dress again.” And theirs were the only bridesmaid (groomsmatron–Becki and I actually were Chris’ attendants) dresses that did get worn again. Last night, in fact.

Somehow, a giggly conversation with Julie in the teachers’ lounge turned into us attending a school event in Becki and my dresses. Julie is pregnant and Becki’s dress fit her (mostly). And my dress still fit me (mostly). OK, there was a fair bit of masking going on—and trying not to laugh too hard lest we split any seams. Julie put it over the top when she donned her long burgundy cape making her look like she was attending a rennaisance festival in costume. The cape choked her when she sat down which, of course, set off more seam-threatening laughter.

We did have a lovely time. There were even a few students who were not embarassed to be seen with us.


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Hey Mrs. Turner! Ah, that was very funny last Saturday night! Especially when we came and pounded on the van windows….and then there was the cape….nothing could top that :)

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