showing up

As Zoe happily plans and re-plans her birthday party, I find myself thinking more and more often, “It’s almost been a year!” Almost a year since I dissolved on Sara’s kitchen floor with my cell phone to my ear while Zoe and Lucy happily chirped away at the table doing art. I’m sure I’ll revisit that day and the days that followed with increasing frequency as the anniversary approaches and brings with it Zoe’s joyful 5th birthday. But today, I keep thinking about what happened within days of my diagnosis. Three friends came to me. They dropped everything and came. All from different states. All with equally busy lives. They showed up and sat with me. I know they came only because I have photographic proof, thanks to Karl. And because they left notes around the house—-many of which still hang in their original quirky places. I was so completely stressed out when they were here that I have almost no memory of what we did together. Only that they came. And they sat with me. And they filled my house up with love.

So today, the anticipation of my one year anniversary of living with metastatic disease brings with it these faces. And they warm me up and fill my heart to bursting. Just like always.lake drive ladies

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some pretty amazing friends . . . what a gift. cherish them well, as I know you do.

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