The pack is back..and it brought a friend

On Tuesday I wound up in the ER with more shortness of breath. By 10 pm I was back home, but with second drain in my lung. This one is the fanny pack style. Oh, returning 80’s fashion, why do you eschew the fanny pack? So practical, so stylish…ok, just practical. I am currently sporting my purple one.

On Wednesday I was to have chemo, but it was impossible to schedule me. I had to wait until today. In the meantime, while the 2nd drain was helping, I still had times of gasping for breath.

So today I was put on oxygen. I have a robot-like compressor by my chair in the living room which Mark will bring upstairs for me to use through the night. It has exceptionally long tubing, so I can go wherever I want on the main floor with my tubing leash on. I have only stepped on it once so far causing my own head to jerk down. Very fancy moves, I have.

I have two different canisters for leaving the house. A 3 hour canister that goes on a cart and a 1 hour canister that I can strap on like a purse. When I had treatment today, Mom cand I got good practice at getting around with these things. Should get easier as time goes on.

I don’t love having all of this cumbersome gear, but I do love being able to breathe. The panic that comes with shortness of breath is unparalleled.

I am a bit of a piece of work with all of these tubes around, but I am a breathing piece of work and that’s awfully nice.

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I don’t get to be sad (& feel i have ANY legitimate license to be sad) today because my friend is carrying the world on her shoulders gracefully.

I don’t get to complain (& feel i have legitimate cause to) today because my friend isn’t complaining….And she should. She has full-on license to do so.

I am humbled and I am so angry that this is the road….

Tash: you’re in my heart & I believe that this, too, will get its kick to the curb… You pack a good punch…always have. Always will.

If i can augment things in any way, u need only call on me.

Love you to the moon and back. But you know that already.

Oh friend! I am giggling at the thought of you stepping on the tubing and jerking you head down! ha! But I am grateful for the equipment that is helping you along this way. . . Can we think if it as seasonal? Like fanny packs and ghost busting gas tanks on your back are nice and comfy during the winter months?

In the UK, fanny packs are called bum bags. If you do call it a fanny pack, as my brother-in-law Bob did, you are really talking about something else entirely.

oof – I’m sorry, but I’m glad (though not surprised) that you are taking it with such grace and aplomb. With your fashionista sense, I’m sure fanny packs (or bum packs) will soon be all the rage.

Tash, I am so inspired by you! All this thrown at you and still you are so strong and positive. Glad to hear you are getting out and about, even if you have to put up with stupid comments. My prayers are with you sister friend. <3

Dear Natasha – I have had an oxygen concentrator since early this year – probably late February or so. Our house is laid out in such a way that the concentrator sits at the bottom of the stairs on the main floor and a 50 foot green hose leads from it to the short clear one which connects to my nose. But the amazing thing is that this gives me enough rope to get to the exercycle which is in Pete’s study on the second floor. And it also allows me to go down into the basement to do the laundry thing. I fues we can be thakful for a house plan which facilitates the use of oxygen equipment. That is not something we asked about so many years ago when we bought this 70+ year old house. So you carry on and we continue to pray for you as you deal with the equipment. We are thankful for easy breathing!

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