The business

This new med,Ixempra, has been giving me the business. And pleural fluid has been on its heels to add insult to injury.
Last week Tuesday I started the new med. Mom had a bad cold so I asked her not to come with me. I thought I would be fine alone.

When I got to the cancer center I learned that my regular nurse was gone and the one I had was incredibly busy. Probably not the best day to have gone it alone.

My brother emailed saying that his morning meetings we cancelled and wondered if he should come down. No, I insisted. Then I got a call from a nurse scheduling me for my thorocentecis the next day. I started coughing and couldn’t stop. It got ugly. I got wise. Emailed Chris to take him up on his offer of coming by. When I heard his shoes on the tile floor I started to cry with relief.

Chris bolstered me and fed me. The nurse told me I could expect some fatigue from the chemo and I was on my way.

On Wednesday I got my right lung drained and was breathing well. But on Wednesday night pain kicked in. I managed on Thursday and through the weekend with ibuprofen. By Sunday I was getting puny and wondering when the pain was going to abate.

By Monday morning the pain was excruciating. But, blessedly, Mom was over her cold! So, Monday she arrived to me writhing in pain. Of course, she came with great prescription pain killers (it’s good to have an uncle who’s a doctor!). Tuesday, we ventured to Target after my long morning nap and I was overcome with nausea. So mom drives me down to see the nurse and I get some hydration. We had thought that my hemoglobin would be low enough for a transfusion…close, but no. And today I call Mom unable to breathe. This time we go in for a thorocentecis and my blood oxygen level is 82. Under 90 and you go on oxygen. Mom even has to drive me up to the 2nd floor in a wheelchair because I’m so short of breath. After the thoro, I’m doing much better.

So, Monday pain. Tuesday, nausea. Wednesday, can’t breath. Wondering what tomorrow will bring.

Whatever it may bring, I know it will also bring my mom. With Dad right behind, vacuum, drill, or dog leash in hand.

Ixempra may be giving me the business, but it’s messin with the wrong family!

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you really are an inspiration! I know everyone probably says that, and it probably doesn’t make your physical self feel any better.
I see first hand what cancer drugs do to people and it’s effect on their bodies and spirits and it’s no small thing.

I treasure you as a friend and really would love to see you again if ever you’re feeling up to it!

Oh, Tash – that sounds like pure misery. UGH! Praying that this is the worst of it and each day brings more relief instead of pain. Praying for you. Always.


Wow, I am so sorry you are having such a hard time with this new med. As always, your attitude is amazing, even in the midst of all this. Sending you lots of love and praying things get better soon.

ugh – this hurts just to read it. but also good to see your fiesty spirit. praying for you Tash.

Tash,I’m so sorry this drug is making you feel awful. It’s an awful side effects roller coaster to be on. So glad you’ve got your family nearby to celebrate the good days and huddle in on the challenging ones. Xx

Thanks for keeping us in the loop, Tasha. Prays from across the country for Thursday to be blissfully dull!

Oh Tash! I hate it too. Generously accepting the love of your family is generous too. Thank God for your wonderful family and all the ways they care for and about you. We pray for all of you. Again, strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow. Great is His faithfulness.

Never in my life have a seen anyone so strong in the face of trouble. You are such a great example to me and my family. May God’s blessings over take you, sneak up from behind and consume you. May you be filled with peace in every cell in your body. Much love from Oklahoma.

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