sweet dog of my heart

daisy.jpgWhen I was a kid, even though I adored dogs, I would refuse to read dog stories because the dog always died in the end.

I even remember a Family Film and Fun Night when I was in elementary school being completely ruined by “Where The Red Fern Grows.” I spent the “Fun” part of the night sobbing in our VW van while everyone else got grab bags and played games in the gym.

And yet, all dog stories end this way, don’t they? The puppy ages. The fluffy frantic little thing slowly transforms into a plodding old pooch with a ridge of spine on her back. Nipping slowly giving way to napping.

So it has gone for feisty puppy Mark and I brought home in an orange pail twelve years ago. We had known Daisy’s kidneys were unwell, but her speedy decline was surprising. And her death at home yesterday morning leaves us bereft. In our minds, she has always been the perfect dog. We have adored her.

I may be sobbing (in my own minivan now) a few more times before I get used to her absence. But it seems a small indignity to pay for the years of delight she gave us. We miss you dearly, precious Daisy. Sweet dog of my heart.

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She was one amazing dog!! We will miss her so much too, big hugs!

Jamey, Beth and Vivi

So suddenly! I cry with you here at my writing desk and I’ll miss throwing a slimy ball for Daisy on book club nights.

In my mind’s eye she will always be loping up Calvin Street wearing gold lame and a feather boa, terrifying some poor woman who lacked the good sense to be delighted. What a wonderful dog!

I remember you calling the answering machine to hear her puppy cries. A dear schmoo. Hugs.

I never like animal stories or movies. Even if the creature is just hurt but survives, I sob.

Daisy was a wonderful dog–and this is coming from a cat person:)

Oh – what very sad news. The dog with the pure white heart. What a great dog she was, indeed.

Sorry about Daisy. I know she’ll go down in Meyer dog lore along with Pepper.

Hang in there. Sounds like a rough, rough week.

Your post reminded me of meeting Daisy shortly after you and Mark got her. It’s hard to believe she was ever so small, but she did always did have super big paws. Daisy was a great dog.

Oh, Tash…your house must feel so quiet without your good, good friend. You guys are in my prayers.

Aw, Tash, I’m sorry for your loss. Gabe and my oldest sled dog is nearing 15 (next week) and I feel like I’m loving him more every day knowing he won’t be here forever. A friend said to me that part of the beauty of loving a dog is that we learn to give our hearts completely to something even knowing we’ll lose it eventually. It helps keep us open.
Hugs to you guys, and bon voyage, Daisy!

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