the return of the IV

Mark and I met with the doctor today. My heightened blood counts last week had warranted a CAT scan on Friday and meeting with him today. It was a long meeting after our usual long wait at the end of a long day, so please forgive the spare details.

In essence, the activity the blood counts had alerted us to was evident on the CAT scan. My liver looks stable. The growth is happening on the nodules in the lungs. Dr. Campbell has several ideas of what to do once we get the lungs back under control, but for now, the plan of action is this:

I will begin weekly IV chemo next week Tuesday. I haven’t had IV since July and it has been a welcome and wonderful break. This drug is called Navelbine and should be similar to my former chemo in terms of my ability to tolerate it (i.e. no nausea or hair loss).

We are also seeing if I might qualify for a study, the details of which I won’t go into here, but it is related to “personalized medicine” that you may have read about–gene mapping the tumor to see what it might best respond to. If I qualify for the study, I’ll get more detailed.

I’m hoping that my cold is gone before chemo starts next week. My throat is very painful and each cough puts Mark, understandably, on edge. It would be nice to start out feeling as good as I’ve been the last new months. We’ll keep you posted.

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Tash–Sorry to hear that you have to go through the IV stuff again. I’ll say an extra prayer. Looks like you were able to have a fun Halloween.

Sorry, friend, just what you didn’t want. I have to get Jaden a flu vaccine this afternoon, so I don’t know if I’ll be back in time for Zoe’s lesson. Feel free to go upstairs and make yourself at home.

The hand of the Lord is on you and His grace is with you always. You are one of my heroes. Never change.

Praying for a successful “chemo blaster” treatment plan that settles down things inside your precious body for a long and long time. After all, there’s things to do, places to see, like Harry Potter in FL, March, right? May God’s grace and peace cushion all of your travels. Love all of you and hugs…

Will pray that this chemo allows many more normal days and that you feel good through it all. Beth Moore lesson today was: If ___________ happens, then_________. She ended it by saying, put your worst fears into the first blank, and God into the second. I needed to hear that. Love to you and yours.

Sorry you have to go back to the IV chemo. But, I am ever so thankful for all the different kinds of chemo and a good doctor to guide you through. I’ll be praying you are eligible for the study!

Wish we could be there for you tomorrow morning to help you kick chemo butt. Am hoping that your personalized treatment is approved and that the IV days go by as quickly as possible.

Much love to you dear friend.

Kelly and Scott

Milly sent us your website. We’re so sorry you need the IV chemo again. Did it go well on the 9th? Be sure we are praying for you, and have been praying for you every day, for many months. You surely are an inspiration to many in our church. Thanks so very much for your prayer in church this morning.
With love,
Marie & Phil Holtrop

hoping the first few treatments went as okay as they could. your canadian team is sending you lots of love.

Checking in to get the latest – sorry to see this development, but I know your strong. Praying you get through chemo without being rundown too far. Hang in there kiddo. Big prayers for you and your wonderful family.

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