Mark and I learned this afternoon that the cytoxin pills I am on have stabilized my tumor marker counts. These counts had been doubling previously and now they are essentially the same as they were five weeks ago when I started the new med.

So, I get to stay on it at the same dosage. I’ve been handling the drug very well (the blood transfusion was a great help) and feel virtually no side effects. I haven’t had the chemo-free summer I was hoping for, but this is just a good! I’ve had the energy to thoroughly enjoy our family vacation and the pool. I’ve even stayed up late to enjoy the wonderful nights of Michigan summer.

Thank you dearly for your prayers. It is nice to get good news like this!!

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Great news—but be careful! I had two of those transfusion things. If you don’t watch out your eye teeth will grow long… you’ll develop a taste for blo… no, of course not! (But still…..) Chris

Just caught up on your entries–I could read you all day! Thanks for sharing so much and letting us walk with you on the journey. I’m so glad the new med is doing its thing.

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