familiar territory

Mark and I just returned from the doctor. My CAT scans showed no mets to the bones (yay!), liver ablated (yay!) and lung nodules getting a little too skippy off of the chemotherapy (boo!). So, back on Gemzar for me. I’ll do two weeks on and one week off for two cycles to see if they get back in line. They are still very small, but we still need to show them who’s boss.

I feel fine about this. Gemzar is familiar territory. I won’t be going back on the Avastin just yet since that’s the one that was giving me high blood pressure and threatening my kidneys. Perhaps after more of a rest from it, we’ll re-integrate it into the regimen.

So, no summer off chemo for me. Oh well. At least I can lie by the pool if I’m tired and sip an iced latte. Not such a bad deal.

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Sorry for the return to chemo, but we areso blessed by your good attitude. Of course, what choice do you have? Keeping you in our prayers every day-
Chris and Dave Finnegan

I hate C for an answer. But C is still passing. We know about C at our house too. Blessings on you while you enjoy your summer.

Picking up A Betty’s thread, I hope, Tash, You get your first “C-” ever! (Chemo, get to work!) Love you!

well, 2 out of 3 isn’t terrible, I guess. and you meet with news with hope and grace. we’ll continue to pray for you Tash.

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