what she said

A dear friend sent me a link to this article from the New York Times yesterday. Written by a woman who has lived with stage 4 breast cancer for seventeen years, it makes me grin ear to ear. Perhaps you’ll enjoy it too.

And this quote from the end of the article? “One thing I don’t ever think to say: When I was told I had a year or two, I didn’t want anything one might expect: no blow-out trip to the Galápagos, no perfect meal at Alain Ducasse, no defiant red Maserati. All I wanted was ordinary life back, for ordinary life, it became utterly clear, is more valuable than anything else.”

All I can think is, “Yeah. What she said. Me too.” while I listen to the ordinary hum of my dishwasher and the ordinary murmur of Mark reading to Zoe upstairs. I kicked my ordinary walking shoes off at the door and hung up Daisy’s ordinary leash. And look forward to another gloriously decadent ordinary day tomorrow.

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What a great article — years and years and years of ordinary. I’m glad someone is starting to study the subcategory of those women who live for decades.

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