Here is what we learned today:

1. The spot on my liver is a breast cancer tumor.
2. It has gone from 9mm in July to 13mm (about 1/2 inch) this month. That’s slow growth, folks.
3. It is the ONLY spot on my liver!!
4. There is no evidence of cancer anywhere else in my abdomen.
5. My blood counts have increased slightly over time (since last July) and the tumor has grown incrementally since last July. Dr. Campbell believes the two are related. If indeed they are and the counts go down once the tumor is taken care of, we’ll know that it was the only “active” cancer in my body. This would be further evidence that the spots in my lungs are stable perhaps even dormant.

Here is what we will do about it.

1. We will meet the Interventional Radiologist sometime this month to schedule radio-ablation for the second week in April. Radio-ablation is out-patient, minimally invasive, and will likely take care of the spot quite nicely.
2. I will go off one of my chemo drugs, Avastin, to prepare for radio-ablation (Avastin doesn’t let blood clot, so I must be off it for a period of time before the procedure).
3. Mark is doggedly researching radio-ablation as I type. If there are any fun facts you’d like to know about radio-ablation, he’d be happy to oblige. I think I might be full up.

How I’m feeling about it.

1. Bowled over and grateful that the spot on my liver is the only spot.
2. Bowled over and grateful that we happened to find the only spot in my whole abdomen on a CAT scan of the lungs!
3. Relieved to have a plan of action that feels really do-able and optimistic.
4. Peaceful. And that can only be due to all of the prayers that have been offered on our behalf. Thank you so much!

I was also struck anew today in our conversation with Dr. Campbell with how blessed we are to have an oncologist who practices not just the science of oncology but the art of it too. There is a finesse to fighting cancer, to reading the signals and test results, to determining and intuiting what each thing might mean. I am so grateful for the confidence I have in my medical care.

Living with cancer has required much of our family–patience, trust, faith, diligence, energy. Each of these, when we run dry, are so quickly replenished by you, by our wonderful families, by our dear friends. This has been so evident to us in our waiting time. There is no way to express the gratitude we feel.

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Sleep well, Brown-eyed Girl.
You, Mark and Zoe are tenderly covered with a warm blanket of prayer. Much love. . .

Tash, Mark, and Zoe – good news! We are grateful for isolated spot, available treatment, confidence in your doctor, relief you and yours are experiencing. We will continue to pray – God is listening . . .. Prayers – Louise

You are so brave and strong. My prayers are with you during this next phase. I’m so glad you have such a wonderful doctor and are blessed with such love and support.

Great news, Tash, I’m just sorry that I won’t be there to breathe a sign of relief with you. Snowed in in PA, and am going to try to make it home today, but no flights are coming out of Philly. Miss you much–we’ll make up this weekend soon.

Love, Kelly

Glad to hear your news! Will continue to pray and rest with you in God’s grace.

BTW- Loved your idea for clearing the back yard of mines. My dad also paid me for moving…tons of mines but we had hydraulics and diesel. If you would care to make the investment I would be happy to give Zoe lessons.

All the best to you and yours!

Tasha, only one active spot shows that God is answering our prayers. This one will be gone soon and then there will be none! I see you completely healed and whole and so strong and full of faith from this trial that you will be able to help many going through similar situations. You are an encouragement to everyone around you.

Aunt Dee


First time on the blog. Thoroughly moved by so much of what you have written. Not ready to sign up for backyard duty yet. I’ll hold out for $0.11.

I know the good Dr. Campbell gets down on his knees like we do. Hope this brings a good long term result.


I love you so much friend. I have been waiting for this news. Can we have a dinner party with lots of dark chocolate after this tumor is obliterated?

Tash, I praise God for giving people the beautiful, incredibly smart brains that allow this treatment to happen. Amen!

Sooo thankful for your good news! So thankful for the peace you are feeling. Thanks for keeping us all posted. Love you.

Great news! Your peace kindles mine.
Miss you. Love you.

P.S. Next week is my Spring Break. I would love to see Miss Zoe Jane and that lovely dog Daisy. Got any hot dates scheduled?

rejoicing with you, dear Tash, in the good news you shared. it’s wonderful to read the optimism and hope in your voice – and the relief in a do-able (and effective!) treatment. you are continually in my prayers, and will continue to be so.

ah – what good news. and what optimism – your hope bolsters all of ours. you are ever in our prayers Tash.

Hi…I’ve been thinking about you a lot lately, and remembered to check your blog today. I’m grateful with you for an action-oriented plan and what seems to be a stellar (and kind) doc. Hang in there, Tash & crew. If Team-Christner can help in any way, we’re on it. Blessings to you, my friend.

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