worrisome times

verve pipe family albumLast month Mark brought home the Verve Pipe family album courtesy of his friend, Connors, who currently plays bass for the band.

We have not stopped listening to it. All three of us love it. I was not cool enough to catch the Verve Pipe wave the first time around, but I’m telling you this family album is right catchy.

Zoe and I were both home today and I think she played the album a total of 20 times. My favorite song, “Worrisome One”, seems appropriately stuck in my head since this is worry week for me. A CAT scan tomorrow and a doctor appointment on Thursday.

The lyrics, “These are worrisome times and you worry sometimes.” Brilliant. I think it just may sing me right to the end of the week.

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I think that worrying gene is tied into the Meyer line somehow ;) I’m with Chris, good results and good news will be my prayer request.

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