Goodnight, 2222

2222In the Big Brick House there was a family
And a basement where no one could watch TV.

ivyIvy that grew from Mom’s wedding bouquet.
And a lively front yard
where they played croquet.

chipsA garden where two well-loved dogs are buried.
And a cool laundry chute
–way more fun than to carry.

little houseA Little House Under the Steps
And a sisters’ room
where secrets were kept.

sideA handy entrance when they lost their keys
And a perfect hiding spot when playing Sardinessardines

mailboxA mailbox that announced with a jarring squeak
And a sun deck for a water fight sneaksundeck

There were three happy kids
And two parents who loved them.

A warm fireplace below
And a tight roof above them.

Good night 2222

Good night brick house with a family
Good night basement, no watching TV

Good night croquet, Good night bouquet.
Good night chute, buried dogs, Pepper’s step
Good night Little House Under The Steps

Good night mail box, good night hiding spot
Good night handy entrance that no one forgot.

Good night happy house,
may you always be loved.
Warm fireplace below
tight roof above.

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What a gift you have for words. It was a home where love abounded and was shared with many. Now new memories, new friends, and wading in the creek awaits inhabitants of a new dwelling.


Lovely. . .just lovely.
It’s the home where I auntiesat 3 little Meyers.
Good night, sweet home.
Sweet dreams.

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