Thanksgiving at our Happy Place

We spent Thanksgiving at our family Happy Place this year–the Veal home. My sister’s family put us up in style. And, while we did plenty while we were there: IKEA trip, a peek at Jim’s new school, adults only dinner, plenty of thrifting, and a complete turkey dinner; it seems I only brought my camera along when we climbed Stone Mountain while our turkey was in the oven.

The kids, who had been running around the house before our departure, suddenly became fatigued when it was clear that we were planning to walk up the mountain. You’ll see them draped dramatically over rocks in the photos below. They miraculously recovered once at the top and found the descent downright enjoyable.

We simply could not have had a more lovely Thanksgiving break. Thank you Jim, Becki, Ramona, Josie, and Ike!

And thanks, Mom, for a lovely gift!

fainting cousinsbex and jimcousins at the topJosie 1 and 2Mark and meZoe at Stone Mtn

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Nice pictures! Those poor, poor children. I acted the EXACT same way when I had to climb my mountain last week, so I can only empathize. :)

sounds and looks amazing! i’m so jealous of your IKEA excursion.
finals week next week, and then i’m home. call me if you need a sitter, or a chai and a chat!
miss you.

I totally agree with Ms. Moore…ROCKSTAR and GROUPY…

Love the soul patch on Mr. teacher of the year too!

Glad you had a wonderful trip!

looks like you all had a great time, thanks for sharing the pics……fun times!!


We miss the Veals! Can’t wait for Christmas.

Judging by Chris’ comment that Mark rocks those sunglasses, I would say the bromance continues. Symphony anyone?

shoot – i’m jealous of the fact that you have to wear sunglasses and light clothing – at Thanksgiving! Do you ever try the line: “Don’t you get sick of the mild weather all the time – don’t you miss the change of seasons?” Yeah – it doesn’t work on our California friends either…

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