moving in the right direction

YAY! Good news at the doctor today. The Gemzar seems to be effective and the nodules in my lungs are slowly shrinking. Mark and I didn’t quite know what to do with good news, it’s been a while!

I’ll have a week off from chemo next week, then start again on the 21st. We’ll add in the second drug this time: Avastin. I’ll have chemo every other week until it’s time to check again.

I’m feeling so relieved about this. It came at just the right time in my chemo cycle too since my bad day(s) are right now. Helps me know that all this body-achy pain and other random side effects are well worth it. And I’m grateful that I can do it every other week rather than muscling through eight in a row like we just did.

Praise God for this lovely news!

(Now, back to bed for me–with bright hope for a good day tomorrow!)

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WOO HOO!! Let me be the first to say it and say it again: WOO HOO!! We’re so happy at the Veal house that we just can’t stop smiling!

I second Becky’s shout out–WOO HOO!!!! Good gracious what a relief. Nap well, Tash. We love you.

During devotions this morning I wrote your name down in my Bible and then prayed for healing. About 10 minutes later I checked my morning emails and read yours. Talk about a faithful God! Thank you Lord! We’re rejoicing with you guys! Yippee! Have a great day!

Love you!

hippity-hip, hooray!! you have worked so hard to keep your body, mind and spirit focused on health and wellness and hope…i so admire your strength and honesty. thank you thank you Jesus. we are wearing our happy pants in madison today.

so, so glad to hear this wonderful news!! it’s what I needed to hear today. I hope you have that wonderful giddy feeling that buoys you up. just fabulous:)

This news makes my day–a couple of them, actually. I’m rejoicing with you and everyone else who’s commented.

Finally that break in the clouds we’ve all been praying for!! My email in-box couldn’t have been happier!!! love you love you and sooo glad for you!

Oh – what wonderful news! We are just giddy with this news – and pray for continued healing.

I’m coming late to the good news party, but I’m just as excited. Congratulations, Tash!

Yeah! I’m so excited for you. We’ll continue to keep you guys in prayers. AND, I heart your blog, which is updated with more enthusiasm, regularity and hilarity than I could ever achieve.

Beck gave me this website to keep tabs on you! I am so happy for you and my prayers are being answered for you! Stay strong!!!!!

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