Happy Labor Day, LofAHW!

workers_unite.jpgOn this Labor Day, let me send my cyber-greetings to the members of the LofAHW (Lovers of All Hard Work) Labor Union. Uncle Verne, his name besmirched by his brothers (one of whom is my father), began this labor union back on the farm after repeated accusations that he made himself scarce when there were chores to be done.

Founder and president, Uncle Verne graciously welcomed me into the LofAHW when, at the tender age of 17, I was required to paint the attic floor on my hands and knees in the heat of summer all on the grounds of “we’re all part of this family and we all pull our weight around here.” The LofAHW sprang to my aid, though their heartfelt negotiations fell on the deaf ears of the Management. The attic floor was painted well, but workers rights were trampled and I became a labor union member.

Though my sister has since joined the ranks of the LofAHW, our meetings are far too infrequent. Perhaps our labor union president is too busy toiling at his lake house or participating in “strunt” with his siblings. I can only imagine that he is using his time with the efficiency and honor that has come to exemplify the LofAHW.

Today, in honor of the LofAHW, I will leave my attic floor unpainted. What, Uncle Verne, will you be doing?

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Dear Tash:

Thank you for your kind Labor Day greeting, as well as your continued fidelity to the LofAHW! I am regularly impressed by all of the union members’ (and yours in particular!) dedication to the organization’s sacred principles: love of all hard work, service to others, and extreme personal modesty. Throughout your tenure as an LofAHW member and officer, your practice of these principles has inspired the union’s many, many, many members, including myself.

In your blog posting, you asked how I am spending Labor Day. In keeping with our principles, I am, of course, working. Specifically, I’m editing chapter 5 of a new book on research writing. While the subject (doing primary research) is dry, I am, in LofAHW tradition, working very hard at the task and loving it!

Wishing you (and all LofAHW members) the best!


With the two of you, Tash and Verne, carrying on so modestly with the principles of LofAHW and with your continued focus on serving others, I am so ashamed: today I did my own laundry, pulled my own weeds, fixed my own blueberry pancakes–everything selfishly done for ME. How can I break out of this mode to serve others as both of you do? Also, can I buy my way into the LofAHW? Just wondering. . .

As a fellow (and I believe founding) member of the LofAHW, I would like to type my many recollections of the years of heavy labor I was subjected to in my formative years, but lo, I cannot. Alas, my weary fingers have been literally worked to the bone, making typing oh-so-painful. Although it is not in my nature to complain–oh no!–I must sign off now, having worked circles around everyone else in the household today.

First of all, I deeply appreciate all the L of AHW does to promote an industrious spirit. I am glad that my brother Verne and my daughters are devoted members of this union.

However, I urge them on to reach for greater things: membership in the TRUE Lovers of All Hard Work (more commonly known as the TL of AHW. Those in the mere L of AHW may, I presume, be satisfied with a bare wood attic floor. This is not the case with members of the TL of AHW. They know that a painted attic floor (with a triple coat of hard finish paint) doubles the weekly pleasure of scrubbing and waxing it as well as dusting and polishing the rafters until they gleam.

As founder and chairman of the TL of AHW, I will gladly peruse your applications for membership in this union, but I must also caution you that getting in is not easy–even if you are family.

Unfortunately, I’m too busy washing the driveway and dusting the hedges to apply for membership in the TL of AHW.

Does anyone else see the astronomically high level of intelligence and humor this particular family exhibits? I am neither a member of the L of AHW nor the TL of AHW. I have, however, done seriously hard work, all in service of others mind you, while in “ministry” on the Meyer farm. Now, I simply abide in the union of DOBIHT. (doing it because I have to). I find it less taxing as I no longer have to decipher whether my actions are all for myself or are actually for the benefit of others. I have, I realize, embarassed the Meyer clan as I peel away from the truly selfless, hardworking ethics of my heritage. However, the Meyer clan is also well known for it’s forgiving nature.

Last nite we hired a babysitter who clearly was a member of HOAF. (haters of all fun). My boys are sure that she should never babysit again. I will have to screen the sitters a bit more thoroughly and specifically ask if they are members of that particular group. She nixed every good idea they had….

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