wisdom in the waiting room

Two weeks ago, when Mark and I were sitting in the waiting room at the cancer center trying to keep it together, we were recognized by a woman who had graduated from high school a few years ahead of me. She had been a cool cheerleader and I remember following her fashion sense when I was in junior high.

We swapped breast cancer stories as we all waited for our respective appointments. She had been diagnosed only a few weeks before and was anticipating more chemotherapy, surgery, radiation, etc., etc. As she was filling us in on her treatment and trying to explain the smile on her face, she said, “I’ve been through heart disease, and now breast cancer. I just figure that I’ll do what they [the doctors] tell me and try not to get hit by a truck in the meantime.”

A good philosophy, I think. Perhaps she should still be a cheerleader.

I’ll be trying not to get hit by a truck today. And appreciating the sun coming through my dining room windows.