notes from Zoe

Mark and I have been enjoying Zoe’s literacy skills lately. She is constantly doing her “kindergarten writing” and has even begun leaving us notes as a way of communication. We find them to be such delightful and extraordinary gifts. Somehow, of all the things she has learned in her almost 6 years, this seems extra cool. Here are a few that we’ve gotten in the last week:
note 1
“Mommy, don’t tell Pop that I will be doing art this morning. Thank you”
note 2
“Would you wake up when I tell you to tomorrow morning please.” (Heh, heh, Mark and I do like to sleep in…)

Then this one came my way, slipped under the door just now. Right when I needed it. My sweet blonde girl, after hearing me talk for the last 24 hours all about my health is…
note 3

Somehow, that’s all that really matters to me.

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So precious, thanks for sharing Tash. Zoe is by far the sweetest little thing in our family’s lives. Just wait until she starts leaving notes that say, “I went out with some friends, be home by 10!”

Hey, Brown-eyed Girl!
I’m with Cousin Kokey–may this watever its name medicine be the weed-killer!
Zoe, appropriately named, “life,” gives it abundantly, whether its through her notes, her smiles and her theater productions with the cousins. What a gift!

the amazing thing about you as a mom is that you pull from your very marrow to make sure your kiddie is alright and happy, in spite of what is going on, in spite of what distracts you and what worries you. this is the exact quality that shows your strength, where you give it and where you get it. I can only imagine where your thoughts go in those fretful times . . . knowing you, your strength and honesty . . . i look forward to reading these memoirs for many years to come.
You are kicking ass tash – you will find your footing with this new med.
thinking of you,

ah! when i babysat last week, i wrote zoe a letter and she read the whole thing aloud to me. blew me away. . .looks like we’ve got a genius in the family!

praying for you always, Tash.

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