just one more, then I’ll stop

OK, I know the new theme on my blog has been “oh my gosh, the eighties are back.” I promise this will be my last entry about it.

I was minding my own business checking out jeans online and…

a j.crew model has her perfectly good jeans pegged (this is the term I remember for folding them tight, then rolling them up)!

I remember when my fashionable cousin Kokey taught me to do this. It was my entrance into eighties awesome-ness. And a great rescue for a tall girl whose jeans were never long enough anyway!

As has become my fashion mantra, “if you’re old enough to have done it the first time, you shouldn’t do it again.” So, no pegging for me.

(sigh) back to checking for tall-girl jeans.

pegged jeans

5 replies on “just one more, then I’ll stop”

Wow, I was fashionable? Where’s my poet shirt and my aquanet? Shimmery pink lipstick too, lets not forget.

What will Zoe wear in high school? Makes you wonder…..

My 14 year old Daughter is wearing what she calls “Skinny Jeans” rolled up (pegged basically) while I am still wearing the flare bottoms from the (GASP) early 2000’s and my early childhood 70’s.

She is telling me to “Get with it Mom!” I laugh and tell her to go and flatiron her hair!

Next they’ll be wearing acid washed with threadbare knees. What’s the world coming to? That darned rock ‘n roll music is probably to blame…..

ok when i met jamie (way past the 80s) he was still wearing the pegged jeans… i worked hard to change that and am not willing to go back!! (although he still thinks it looks cool)

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