80’s whiplash

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So, I’m minding my own business at school this week. Merely walking down the hall, leaving a note on a kid’s locker and heading back to my office. Just a Guidance Counselor on a random Wednesday.

Then, out of the blue, here comes a kid strolling to his locker. He’s singing. Not some funky new jam that my 36-year-old ears can’t recognize, no, he’s singing all of the words to “Eye of the Tiger.” All about the cream of the fight and rising up to the challenge of a rival. The last known survivor was stalking it’s prey in the night all over again.

I’m deja vu-ing and not yet to my office when a girl comes strolling toward me wearing leg-warmers. She’s not headed to ballet class.

Last month it was the familiar “dong, dong…dong, dong” intro to Michael Jackson’s “Beat It” that was coming from a hallway while some kids practiced for the stage show and Bon Jovi’s “Livin’ on a Prayer” belted from the stage by a side-pony-tailed singer during the stage show promo. It was all I could do to maintain decorum and keep myself from singing along.

I know I’m working at my alma mater and can’t expect my own experience not to peek around the corner now and then but, come on, give a valley girl a break! I’m ready to turn into Bowling for Soup’s 1985 lady!

Never mind that “99 Red Balloons” is blaring through my house as I type.

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OMG! How awesome is that? Totally– psych! :)

Seriously though, it’s the “thrill of the fight” not the “cream of the fight.” You hit a bad translation site…

OK, I know I mutilate lyrics, but this is actually right! There must be versions both ways (from my limited gooling just now). Hmmm.

I don’t care much about the translation, but I know this: after watching you firsthand tonight being a guidance counselor, you are the CREAM of the CROP!

FHN’s fall musical was Back to the 80’s… I think some of the clothes I donated to Goodwill were on stage that evening. One thing tho..their hair was not BIG enough!

It was nice to sing along to the songs on stage tho, most in the audience were doing the same thing.

the 80’s are so great! especially the music. and those really awesome metallic leggins (that’s leggins, without a “g”). but then there’s the hair, which i must say isn’t so great. . . and this is coming from someone who has been cursed with the 80’s hairstyle since birth–yes, folks, it’s my default hairstyle–and then i’m supposed to try to pull that mane into a side ponytail?! pshhh

also, i would have to agree with “auntie roze” about all this guidance counselor business. A+! i already checked off 3 things on my list! yes, one was “eat a sugar cookie.” and yes, another was “check out” i’ll let you guess about the third. . . ? heehee

ps. “frankie says relax.”

My kids are asking me if I know “……” songs and artists from the 80’s and a little freaked out that I do. They are learning these songs from Guitar Hero 3. Hmmmm

I am an 80’s baby – to the core. Will always love big hair and mini-skirts until I die. The bigger the hair, the closer to God. Party on Garth, party on Wayne.

“The bigger the hair, the closer to God”–that is hilarious! But bad news for me.

Also, I have to admit I feel into the 80’s revival fad. A few weeks ago, I bought three (yes, 3) pair of leggings at the Goodwill on 29th Street (the good one that sells new merchandise). Actually, I borrowed the $4 from Abbie so we’ll blame her.

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