bad haircut


Daisy took one for the team today.

I decided that her grooming costs were nonsense and that I could easily do it at home myself. Armed with a newly cleaned clippers and a kid-less morning, I barricaded Daisy into the laundry room and went for it.

After about half of her hair was at my feet, I realized that I should be shaving with the hair not against it. Of course, all my shaving until that time had been on Daisy’s broad ol’ back.

So, my poor, sweet, old girl is walking around with a very bad haircut. I gave her a bath complete with a fresh egg wash, but I’m not sure she’s forgiven me.

I even tried to tell her that Becki did this to me plenty of times under the pretense of “tapering the ends” of my hair, but it is little consolation. So I’m feeding her treats and giving her lots of attention.

Poor old pooch.

daisy haircut

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How could you!!! Her demeanor is obviously one of pure shame. ( I was spanked as a two year old for telling my mom that “Spotty ate it” when she asked what happened to my hair. Actually, my “Becky” sister had cut it for me.)

I have shamefully done this to our dog as well. Last year in a garage sale, I finally parted ways with the clipper. When I purchased it w/the instructional DVD – I just KNEW I could groom him myself!

the bare skin spots are so sad :o(

hooooooly smokes.
tash, i would have attempted the same thing. in fact, i have. . . but on paul. there have been distasterous results. but i am happy to report that they were not nearly as bad as daisy.
kudos for trying.
and more kudos for confessing to it.
i wish i were there to see mark’s response upon seeing daisy.

Oh my! The poor honey. The bald spots and her curled, shamed demeanor made me laugh out loud

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