Interview with a Kindergartener

Zoe had her first day of Kindergarten today. Mark and I dropped her off—-me barely keeping my happy tears in and Mark a bundle of nerves (unlocking the car when Zoe and I were already inside, leaving the car running after all of us were out…). Zoe did just fine. She quickly found Vera and Lucy when she walked in the door. After that, Mark and I were more than free to go. It was hard to even coax a good-bye out of her.

This afternoon I picked her up and brought her immediately out for ice cream. I then interrogated her and got all kinds of great kindergarten information. Upon getting home, I tried to duplicate the process for blogging purposes, but my subject was less forthcoming. Here is the non-ice cream interview:

What did you think Kindergarten would be like?
I don’t really know. I don’t really remember stuff like that.

What was the first thing you did?
Pretty much go to my table and play with stuff and tap on Lucy’s shoulder so she knew that I was there.

Did you sing any songs?

What songs?
This is the Day and the one that I forgot the name of. Did you write the one I forgot the name of?

What did you do during choice time?

What are Zoobs?
They are um, it’s hard to say this. It’s hard to say this.

What do you do with Zoobs?
You attach them.

Were they fun?
Not very much. But, Mama?…When will you stop talking? And also write, “when will you stop talking.”

If you want to know about the yellow circle table, the purple square table, Freckles the rabbit, rest time, the dollhouse, gym time, cubbies, art, etc., etc. you’ll apparently have to pony up for some ice cream just like the rest of us.

A few photos of our big kid:
first daymark and zoe into schoolat the yellow circle table

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Loved Zoe’s interview! My baby started her senior year today. The years fly. . .and fly faster. So always stop for ice cream!

Love, Auntie Roze

loved reading that dialogue – especially when she would ask “did you write . . . ?” so glad her first day was a good one – may the rest of her year follow likewise!

I have Taylor’s first day of Kindergarten (getting on the bus 1998, which was also her 5th birthday) still in a frame in my dining room. I stared at it during my coffee on Tuesday morning, She started High School that day.

We have moved on from ice cream to Starbucks ….. tis okay Tash, I’ll take boring Zoobs over:

“Hey Mom, guess what? I’m the only girl in my shop class, there are some cute guys in there too, a senior sat next to me.”
“He was kinda cute too.”

My rely was .. “put a double shot of expresso in mine please!”

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