the lion’s paw

Last night I was reading my new Billy Collins book of poetry in bed trying not to think about the appointment Mark and I would be going to in the morning. I was on my last poem, as my eyes were closing, and here were these amazing lines:

“But tonight, the lion of contentment
has placed a warm, heavy paw on my chest,”

I closed the book and prayed for the lion’s paw. Visualized it on my chest. And slept.

This morning our appointment went so well. The most visible nodule in my lung is still shrinking.

So today, on this rainy Monday, with Zoe and her friend Ben busy in the basement, I am curling up with my lion and stroking the paw so heavy on my chest.

It is beyond lovely.

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Hey Tash,
My mom gave me your blog address when I asked about how you were recently. It’s good to see/hear you are doing well. G and I will be in GR this Xmas, our paths shall cross I hope.

ps. Check out Gabe’s website!:

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